How to survive the rainy season in San José

It has arrived. Barely, but still, it has started to literally pour down every afternoon, from 1 or 2pm until the night falls, sometimes even later. So, since it’s not likely to stop any time soon, here are some tips that work for me (so far) to keep on smiling and make it through the longest season of the year in Central America.


I had been wondering for a while why those huge holes along the streets. My friend said “wait until the rainy season comes and you’ll understand”. I do understand now.

1/ Get an automatic umbrella

You know, those where you just need to push a button and they open automatically. Am I the only to think it’s fun to use? Well, we’ll see for how long that will entertain me but for now, it works.


2/ Get a pair of rain boots

I know you’re not 5 anymore, but I assure you, you will feel like it when you put it on. The world becomes yours, you get to walk anywhere and you won’t get grumpy because your feet are wet or you buried your high heel in the mud.



3/ Adjust your playlist!

Listen to what doesn’t fit with rainy atmosphere, go for contrasts, something extra cheery that makes you feel like dancing in the streets/bus/home. Here are some ideas :

Fresh up your Spanish with Calle 13:

Armed with your rubber boots and umbrella, walk under the rain and keep smiling with RJ2D:

Forget about Scandinavian music for a while, except The Whitest Boy Alive:

Some cosy music, Waldeck always works:


4/Don’t forget to stop and listen to the rain, it is nice and relaxing.  And it’s a good excuse to stay home and relax, and play (board) games with your favourite person.



Streets of San José on a rainy day