We are free, aren’t we?

*spoiler alert – this is a post about hope and optimism*


Reading and hearing about politics in France those last week, I just wanted to share some thoughts, for what it’s worth…

After endless discussions and hours spent reading and weighing pros and cons, I did go and vote today. I won’t wake up early tomorrow though, because I already know I won’t be happy with the result of that election. Why some would consider the far right to lead a democracy is a mystery to me. I always blame a certain lack of education, or the global warming to fear and misunderstandings spreading around Europe, or a very short memory. But anyway, do people really believe a new president would all of a sudden make a change for the best? Then again “the best” is a very subjective concept. Do we always need to touch the bottom to rise and shine? And do you really think a single person is going to offer the change you are all after?

You know what? I think you/we are getting it wrong.

No matter who you are, what you believe in or where you are from, we are free, right? It certainly helps to be born in France and we – as individuals and as a people – do have the freedom to change, not the next president, not the next government, you. Yes, you and your friends, your family. If you want more money, you are free to decide to not buy those things you see on tv that you actually don’t truly need (no you don’t). You are free to choose to buy whichever food you want. You are free to decide what to do in your free time, you are free to give a hand to somebody who needs it for nothing in return. So let’s be realistic and honest with ourselves. No one is making you do anything and we don’t have to listen to that handful of people – clearly coming from a world you and I will never ever know – tell us what to do, how to think, even who to vote for.

We are free guys! Let’s just all face reality and stop expecting miracles because they don’t exist unless we make them happen. We are free to open our eyes and acknowledge what is going on around the world, just like we are free to turn around and ignore it (the latter option probably being the easiest but is it really viable in a long term perspective?)

And if you need inspiration and empiric proofs, have a look at this short trailer for an accessible documentary about stories and people around the world making change happen and imagining a better future. Step back and observe, use your democratic power however you want because this is not what will make a real change anyway.

Have a good day everyone.