Happy new year’s hike, Puig Neulós!

Without knowing it last year, I started a new tradition to begin a new year in the best possible way. On the 1st of January 2013, I went on my own to climb Mount Chirripo (3800m) the highest mountain in Costa Rica (https://audreyslangscape.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/getting-high-in-costa-rica/). 2013 has been a fantastic year, full of surprises, mostly good ones. Starting the year by doing something that makes me happy and proud definitely was a good thing and I decided every year should start this way.

This year, I went to spend a week at my parents’ place before leaving to ‘the other side’. Luckily enough, they live in a beautiful little village, Laroque des Albères, conveniently located in Catalonia, a few kilometres away from the Mediterranean sea, in the beginning of the eastern Pyrenees.


Laroque des Albères

‘Albères’ is the name of the mountain range it is on. Pass it and you’re in Spain. Unfortunately this isn’t the place where I grew up, but I’ve spent lots of time there ever since I can remember. But for some reasons, I had never explored the mountains very much around here. I can see the summit of the range from my window though, and it’s always been teasing me. When I saw the weather forecast for this first day of the year would be no wind, mostly sunny and 14°C, I didn’t much time to figure out what to do today. The highest mountain of the Albères range  is called ‘Puig Neulos’ is in Catalan. It means ‘cloudy round summit’ (and it actually was today). But the hike is nonetheless really nice, quite tough (from 200m above sea level to 1256 in 2,5 hours…and then walking down!). It’s in the South so no need to say the weather is particularly nice in the winter, even if it can get quite windy.


The beginning of the trail is located right next to the village church (here on the left), turn right.


Pass the old water-mill


50m away from the main trail, about an hour after the start is the dolmen (La balma del Moro)

The higher you get the more you see glimpses of the surrounding villages with the sea in the background


The beautiful Pic du Canigou, 2784m, my next step!


A group of goats near the summit


A cloudy and windy summit

Last but not least, I wish you all a beautiful new year, may whatever you wish for come true, but don’t forget to also do your best to make it come true 🙂