Café Mundo

The entrance yard

A couple in their 30s having lunch, 3 tourists from southern Europe, probably the parents and their son, 2 men in what looked like a business meeting/lunch. It was a quiet afternoon at café Mundo.

Café Mundo is a fairly well-known fancy café/restaurant in San José. Fancy because located in barrio Otoya, a district close to the city centre but quiet, where you can still admire old colonial houses while walking around. One of them was turned into a café some 15 years ago.

Ideally located in the corner of avenida 9 and calle 15, the main reason why you should visit café Mundo is its location. Not only it is in a big beautiful house built in 1910, but there are many seats outside on the front terrace, or even more quiet, back terrace. This is actually a well kept secret in San José since it isn’t very common to find places to sit outside.

There is also a lounge bar in the basement if you want more privacy.

Adresse : Av 9 C15 200m al este del parqueo des INS, 10000 San José, Costa Rica

Monday-Thrusday: 11am – 10.30pm
Friday: 11am – 12am
Saturday: 5pm – 12am

Terrace : yes

Internet : yes

El café frío

Menu selection:

Plato del dia ₡4000

Pizza ₡5500-7900

Refresco natural ₡950

Copa de vino ₡3000

Café ₡900

Capuccino ₡1200

Irish coffee ₡4200

Manhattan ₡3600

Imperial ₡1450

In the front, a large terrace, shaded to protect you from the sun and the rain. Unfortunately the wifi hardly works over there.

Possibility to spy on people passing by in the street if that’s what you fancy

Beautiful tiles on the terrace

Inside the house


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