“The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.” Rick Ridgeway

It’s all about wilderness, coffee and travel. One is my way of life, the other my passion and the last my addiction…not necessarily in that order!

Mostly French, adopted Scandinavian with bits and pieces from here and there, this blog is about my stories and the answers to questions I never thought I would ever ask.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. José Arreola says:

    I Would like to know moré about your travels. Would have loved to see you in Paris for the championship! Where in Australua?

      • José Arreola says:

        Have you NET Rob Forsyth?
        He is a very Dear friend of mine, terrífico Guy and very knowledgeable of coffee. Quite an authority in COFFEE .
        Look for him: Forsyth
        I Hope you aré Well

  2. Philippe says:

    Hello Audrey …
    nice to see that you are enjoying your life and that you made the best decision to take off,
    here nothing has change just a few more coffee in Paris.

    • Audrey says:

      Philippe! Nice to hear from you! There seems to be more and more places to drink good coffees from in Paris. What about you, taking off again one day?

      • Philippe says:

        Hello Audrey.
        I’m please to see you enjoying life the way you wanted …. that the secret of it…. nothing more or less.
        Audrey I went to Cambodia, very surprise to see so many coffee shop, Here in Paris a few more and they are very good …… yes I would love to take off again, but I have to wait for now…..
        I read you and I feel like I was there….. Audrey keep doing what you love the most and you will leave an happy life ….

        big kiss Philippe

  3. Jason Wiszynski says:

    Hello Audrey,

    Interesting experience on your trip to Peru. I will be heading there in 2 weeks with my friend from Chile and I was hoping you can give me some tips before we book any train tickets. We will have 6 days/5 nights in Peru and were interested in doing part of the Lares trek for 3-4 days and saving some time to do Machu Picchu. I’ve done some research online but everything is leading me to tour agencies.

    If this reaches you in time, would love to hear your opinion on what we are planning since our timing will be tight. We have our own gear.


    Jason W.

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Jason! Well, it’s hard to say because don’t know what you like or how you travel.
      Tip #1 would be : take more time! Distances are huge in Peru and it’s not uncommon to spend 10 to 24 hours in a bus (great buses though).
      Tip #2 : rather than Machu Picchu that’s overcrowded and have to be booked, I went to a more recent but super impressive nonetheless site called Choquequirao. It’s a fair bit tougher to access but therefore less crowded (I was pretty much on my own there). It’s located in the sacred valley as well.
      Hope that helped!

      Happy travels, Peru is such a wonderful country!


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